by Look Alive

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released October 21, 2014

Recorded @ The Vault Recording Lounge
Engineered & Mixed By: Kevin "Mr. Basement" Sellors
Mastered By: Bill Henderson @ Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


Look Alive Atlanta, Georgia

The members of Look Alive have all played in different bands over the last 10+ years. Hell, some of them are even in multiple bands now — that’s kind of how it goes for musicians. They all share that one common thing: the itch to play music. So here they are, another band, another line-up and another chance to fulfill that itch. ... more

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Track Name: Putting The "I" In Isolation
I’m losing sleep, I haven’t rested my eyes for weeks
I think I’ve managed to stay clean on this long and lonely road
That I’ve been traveling on,
So could you please tell me,
What did you ever see in this place
to have lasted this long?
Was it the drugs we took?
The late night shows where no one really cared to ever... dance, or sing along?
Could you even blame me …At all
The stress built up and watched... you fall
For once I could say I’m done... with it all
But its only me, I'm wishfully thinking…

Tell me where we go from here
You got me past drunk
Thinking that we made it (so*) clear
Too little too late, I’m not another mistake for your books
With a few rip pages, -was all I ever took from you
but I never quite told you, that’s the truth
so forgive me…

Verse 2:
My lips stay chapped,
Just like the winter mornings, you’re cold and boring just like your stories were
But I never told you this, that I’m sure.
so could you even blame me… at all
the stress built up and watched… you fall
for once i could say i'm done… with it all
but thats only me, I'm wishfully thinking…

Tell me where we go from here
you got me past drunk thinking that we made it clear
too little too late, I'm not another mistake for your books
from which the pages I… took.
So Tell me where we go from here
you got me past drunk screaming that we made it clear!
too little too late, I'm not another mistake for your books, for your books!
Track Name: Underrated
I said you're going to make it out of this one, kid.
It's all about perspective.
...and Yeah, you put in the work,
Got hurt, lost sense of your direction.
It's safe to say that you can't... call it quits.

You better quicken your step or else,
You may find yourself alone again,
It's maybe not what you're hoping,
But it could be something more worth your time.

If you won't ever stop to face this now,
They say you'll always be running (always be running).
You'll be the joke of the world, when they all laugh at your dignity.
So just stop and face the reality of, as if it only bad timing, (only bad timing)
But when push comes to shove, you won't be part of the problem.

Verse 3:
Something to keep as a reminder; you're not the only one alive.
So keep your chin up n' out of the water, as-if-it's-your only means to survive.
You've bottomed out, no don't you give up now!
So close to figuring-it all out…
Don't relapse... You're underrated.
Track Name: Regrets Taste A Lot Like Hard Liquor
Verse 1:
Not sure how i should put… this into words
Nor am I sure it will make it out
Im taking a risk, as it is
so could you please, please listen and hear me out
They always say its better later than never
but i swear... since things have weathered
-feeling guilty as ever
But it looks as though you made it out just fine
or maybe that was just a lie.

The choice that got shoved in place
I was truly afraid of…
The what ifs and could I have stayed
to stand tall and face this change?
Somehow I feared you were
More into giving up…
-than working out. All that time is meaningless now.
But for the sake of being sane
I’ll be okay.

Verse 2:
What’d you expect from me?
I wasn’t there like i should’ve been
Yet here i am with my head
buried deep beneath the ground
Im begging you to
Dig me out and throw me back on my feet
to be the man i used to be
before a wave of destruction pulled me underneath

Y’got your song like you asked for
Sung in a passionate minor
A bittersweet, whiskey sour
Cleaning regret till the back of my throat burns fire
Track Name: The Bad Conversationalist
Im not quite myself here
You’d correct me if im wrong
it all just seems to fade to grey
You claim to see through me
as if my body’s transparent
its nothing short of arrogance
to say that you know me at all

Pre Chorus:
Never asked for your opinion…
On anything…

But if you say your problem is
“Its just a phase to pass the time”
then you're screaming lies
the only one you’re fooling is yourself
Narcissistic with all your pride
You’d never own up to save a life
would you think it twice
to draw a line between virtue and the vice?

Verse 2:
You’re still hung up on delusions
of how you see no right from wrong.
Always “The Center Of Attention”
more like an asshole on his throne
...and I’m tired, of this
neverending cycle
Oh I’m tired…
Now you're just another friend i’ve lost along the way
Once You(‘ve)
Got it figured out
there will be no doubt
You’re the one to blame for this